Maximising the Value of Your Data.

We want to link all the data you collect together, whether it's logged via a data acquisition system, entered setup data, weather details, tyre metrics, shock graphs, general notes or any other piece of information.

Everything in the Cognitive.RS environment starts with, and revolves around, an Event.

An Event could be a Race Meeting, Practice Day, Test Session or any situation where a schedule occurs, people need perform a task and a vehicle is run.

  • Momento counts down a schedule for an event.
  • Transfer uses the schedule for consistent and descriptive filenames.
  • Contact Patch records tyre usage each time a vehicle runs.
  • Insight associates logged data to a run.
  • CodeX allows all the setup information to be recorded for a run.

A team can use one to all of our products to link together their data. Once linked, via the Event Structure, it becomes simple to get the full picture.

An engineer might start with a lap, view the log traces, check exactly what setup was on the vehicle, see what tyres were being used and their pressure, play an incar video file, check weather details, read any comments about the run from the driver or team.