CodeX = {Language: Latin} {Noun} a book bound in the modern manner, made up of a number of sheets that is compact, sturdy, has ease of reference and allows random access

All vehicle details in one place.

CodeX allows a user to record and manage all the details they require about a vehicle every time it takes to the track.

  • Aerodynamics
  • Brakes
  • Driver
  • Engine
  • Fuel
  • Gears
  • Shocks
  • Suspension
  • Tyre Management
  • User definable details

Event, track, session, run, driver and weather details are associated with a setup.

3 Dimensional models are used to display the car and setup information.

When setup details are entered, or changed, dynamic calculations can be triggered to derive new values for User defined values such as:

  • CoG
  • Roll centre
  • Rake
  • Weight distribution
  • User defined values

All data is initiated from a Momento Schedule which means it integrates with Insight data analysis:

  • Lap and setup information are intrinsically linked.
  • Component life calculations based on either distance or time, all automatically calculated
  • Complete tyre management for each individual tyre is connected via Contact Patch
  • Fuel burn rates and many other types of calculations can be automatically triggered

Multiple cars can be managed and instantly shared with others if required.
Comparison highlighting changes of setups, either between the same car at different times, or different cars is available.
Notes can be entered to augment setup, run or driver details, also there is the ability to stored 3rd party documents against a setup (eg Shock Traces, Weather Details).

A comprehensive database manages the data so that finding, sorting, retrieving the required information is easy.

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