Contact Patch

Contact Patch = {Language: English} {Noun} The only connection between the road and a vehicle

Where the rubber meets the road

All forces acting on a vehicle at some point affect what is happening at the contact patch. Tyres are the connection between your car and the road, and getting the best out of them is one of the most important aspects of going racing

Every individual tyre can be entered into the system, assigned a custom name and identified by its barcode. Utilising an Event Schedule every run a vehicle completes can have the tyres used logged. Tyre Pressure and temperatures can be entered for any point on a run allowing for workload and distance calculations as well as Optimum Cold Tyre Pressure.

The status of a tyre, whether it’s currently mounted on a rim, any comments about it plus all usage history is available at the click of a button making Tyre Management Easy.

Tyre Bank

Contact Patch keeps track of your tyre bank. You can quickly see all the Mounted/Available and All tyres, showing how many laps/distance/work rate each has completed


Session summary

Summaries for every session or event can be displayed showing what distance was covered and which tyres were used.



Individual Tyre History

For an individual tyre you can see every time it was used, where it was used and the distance it covered.



Run Details

Every run can be displayed showing tyre pressures, distance covered, optimum cold pressures and work rate for each tyre.





ContactPatch is available on a subscription basis to use on as many devices and/or platforms as you want. The cost is $20us a month*.

A 30 day fully functional trial can be started at any time by just logging into the application. No payment or Credit Card information required.

Please contact us with any suggestions/comments you have about the product, and if you like it tell your Colleagues about us

* Season Length Pricing: At Cognitive.RS we understand that for a number of racers, their racing activity takes place over a limited number of months during the year.

This is why we have Season Length Pricing so you only pay for when you are using the applications. A valid subscription allows the user full use of the application. When your subscription expires you can still run the application, have access to all your data, and even receive application updates, but you won’t be able to add any new data.

When you are ready to go racing again, reactivate your subscription and you will be good to go.


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