Transfer = {Language: English} {Verb} to be moved from one place to another: to change by means of a transfer from one to another

Simplify the process of identifying and saving data from portable devices to your hard drive.

Data loggers, Video cameras and other recording devices can generate a number of important files on transportable media. Often you will want to save these onto a computer so that you can reference, view, use at a later point. The process of moving and renaming the files to a more relevant name is a repetitive and time consuming process, open to human error.

Cognitive.RS Transfer is designed to complete this task, in the minimum amount of time, utilising reusable information, producing a consistent approach and naming convention for all your information.

Insert your portable storage device, select the destination profile you want to use and the files you want to transfer then press copy, job done.

Transfer Files

Transfer automatically displays files on portable media that conforms to the selected destination profile. Using Event, Class, Driver and other variable data a destination folder and filename are constructed so that copying is only 1 click away.




Destination Profiles

User definable destination profiles can be setup to suit your individual needs and requirements. Both literal and variable folder structures can be used, as well as different file extensions, so that the correct files are transferred where you want them to reside.






Transfer is free to use, on as many devices as you want, for as long as you find it useful.

You will have access to all updates as they become available.

Please contact us with any suggestions/comments you have about the product, and if you like it tell your Colleagues about us

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